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Amicus are “Outstanding”

Amicus has, again, been rated ‘Outstanding’ in our latest OfSted Inspection which was conducted in September last year. After the challenging times of the pandemic, we are delighted with this achievement, which means since we started in 2009, we have consistently achieved ‘Outstanding’ in all our inspections.

As a small independent fostering agency, we continue to meet the challenges of recruitment of foster carers which we know is a UK wide problem now. Yet despite this we have worked to provide a high level of support to our foster carers and the young people they care through our offer, which is flexible and specific to the needs of every family. A copy of the report is attached but here are some of the highlights.

“A strength of the agency is the team’s skill in helping children to build trusting and loving relationships with their foster carers. Children who the inspectors spoke to said that they feel very safe with their carers and are happy. One child said that they would not have their positive life plans without their carers’ support.”

“Children’s voices are heard loudly within the agency. The team consistently seeks out children’s views and responds effectively to their suggestions. Children provide meaningful and honest feedback to the fostering panel for carers’ reviews. The agency is constantly shaped by children’s needs and wishes.”

“The agency provides high levels of support for children with additional cultural needs. One unaccompanied asylum seeker has been supported to build relationships with other young people and adults from their country of origin. This helps them to explore their cultural heritage, including language, faith and food.”

“The agency has adopted a comprehensive programme of therapeutic support. This is threaded through every part of the agency. There is evidence that this has had a significant positive impact on staff’s morale, skills, and knowledge of children who have suffered trauma. Consequently, the whole team of staff provide children with excellent levels of therapeutic care that helps them to process their past trauma. By valuing and supporting children’s emotional well-being, the agency creates outstanding outcomes for children.”

We know Amicus would not be where it is today without the dedicated staff who support the business and the foster carers and their families and but also our amazing Amicus Foster Carers who go above and beyond 24 hours a day 365 days a year. So, a big THANK YOU to them from us all.