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Who can be a Foster Carer?

Almost anyone can be a foster carer, as long as they have love to give, the patience to work through difficulties and the dedication to invest lots of time and energy. Neither your age, ethnicity, marital status or disability, nor if you are LGBTQ+, play a part in determining whether you’re suitable. We need at least one foster carer within a household to be at home on a full-time basis and, have a spare bedroom for your foster child.

Once you decide to apply to foster with us, we will also be considering your personal and professional references, and, your health and wellbeing, any experience you may have caring for children, and that you have British Citizenship, or permanent leave to stay in the UK. We also carry out police and local authority checks on all applicants. All these subjects are covered more fully in the Application Process section.

Testimonials from our Foster carers

I have a very high opinion of Amicus. I am well supported and listened to and can see that they try to do the best for the children and carers while being aware of what needs to be done to comply with laws etc. I really wouldn’t know how they could improve.” 

– Freya (Amicus Foster Carer)

 “I have been fostering with Amicus since they began. I never realised that I would get this amount of support from them whilst doing this rewarding job. So anyone who really wants to make a difference don’t think you can’t, because you can! 

The ‘Amicus family are there for you.”

– Andy and Ben (Amicus Foster Carers)

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