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Amicus Foster Care | Independent Fostering Agency | South West England

Staff Stories...



Services Manager

I met Nas, the Founder & Director,  through working with her for 4 years at another fostering agency, during this time we built up a great relationship and I really admired her ability to direct a team whilst also being part of it. During the 4 years I saw a lot of changes to the way the service was being run at a national level and I felt less and less comfortable with the direction the company was taking.

When Nas left and told me she wanted to start her own agency I knew immediately it was something I wanted to be involved in, the ethos was that of a cooperative and everyone working together for our Young people and Foster Carers. It was a big step in to uncertainty but we were all really excited to be able to build an agency based on the needs of the young people and the foster carers that enable them to be part of a family and live a fulfilling life.

4 years on and I can’t believe how amazing Amicus is! We have the BEST team of staff and foster carers, as twee as its sounds we do feel like a rather odd family (a diverse one at that) each of us know that we have a shared idea of making sure the young people in our care get the support they need to achieve their own goals in life, and this is extended to us a team. Our greatest strength is the ability to be vulnerable and seek help, no judgements are made and you know that there is always someone looking out for you. I hope the young people placed with us feel the same.

Working in fostering can be very challenging especially for our Carers who open their doors/hearts to provide a home to young people they have never met before! I keep that in mind every day.

What makes Amicus different is everyone is involved in the shaping of the agency and each of us have a voice , also I think its quite unique that all of the team get the opportunity to meet the young people placed in our care through activities and events or if they are just popping into the office with their carers. This means we aren’t just people sat a desk making decisions and they just aren’t a file or behaviour. They know we are working with them and advocating on their behalf.


Snr. Supervising Social Worker

I joined Amicus because I knew it was being set up by people with serious hearts for children and all who care for them.

They were determined to run an Agency that would do everything that could be done for every child it took into its care and to support every carer to do what might never have been possible before. I believe that a small Agency such as Amicus brings the personal support that is essential.

Small, Friendly & Responsive