Paul Brown - Amicus Foster Care

Paul Brown

Hi, I’m Paul and I am the therapist, consultant and trainer. I completed my training at the Institute of Family Therapy London.

My role within Amicus is to provide therapeutic support to foster carers and the young people they care for, other areas of support within my role is to attend professional Consultation in support of complex case.

My work experience has been within child & Adolescents services supporting young people living away from home, within local authorities as a manage I also served as a fostering panel member for several years.

I worked in NHS Child & Adolescent service within family therapist team in London I also worked within specialist service for look after children and adopted children in Thinking Allowed services in South Gloucestershire.

Being part of the Amicus vision in providing the best experiences for children and their carers is based on the foundation of therapeutic approaches and practise, Amicus can be seen as, smaller than other services, my experience at Amicus they are large on commitments and consistent in the pursuit for excellence in breaking new ground in caring for young people pasted, present and future.