Patricia McManamon - Amicus Foster Care

Patricia McManamon

I am the Social Care Team Manager in Amicus. I have been with this uniquely friendly agency since it began in 2009, I supervise and support a team of social workers. We share values as well as history and offer the warmest of welcomes to everyone.

One of the really important things at Amicus, is that the amazing people who join us, all want to stay, whether they are children, foster carers or staff. We know that helping a very unhappy child or young person to feel that they belong is not an easy task but it’s the most worthwhile one I know.  I see in time, children beginning to have hope, a capacity to enjoy life and to bring that out into the world – that is priceless.

We know the key is teamwork. I am so proud of the young people themselves, our foster carers and the social workers and staff who have made happy lives possible for so many of them. We support and learn from each other, we listen a lot, we make sure every single person has a voice and even though we have been doing this for too many years to mention, we keep learning.  We work hard to understand why. When there is storm we hold on tightly, and when it is over we have fun.  We offer personalised and high-quality support and training, we have the upmost respect for people who foster and we do everything possible to make it a success, come and find out more!

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