Mark Brady - Amicus Foster Care
Mark Brady - Amicus

Mark Brady

I’m Mark, I am the Business Services Manager for Amicus Foster Care, I have been involved since start up in 2009 and I am responsible for the operational management of the agency. I have been working as a Manager within Fostering since 2006 and hold a Level 5 Diploma in Leadership for the Children & Young People’s Workforce.

I am lucky enough to hold a dual role in Amicus since being approved as a foster carer in 2017, which gives me a wonderful insight.

met the Founder & Director, Nasareen Ahmed, through working with her at another fostering agency, during this time we built up a great relationship and I really admired her ability to direct a team whilst also being part of it.

When Nas told me that she wanted to start her own agency I knew immediately it was something I wanted to be involved in. The ethos was that of a cooperative and everyone working together for our young people and foster carers. It was a big step into uncertainty, but we were all excited to be able to build an agency based on the needs of the foster carers, and the young people that enabled them to be part of a family and live a fulfilling life. We have the BEST team of staff and foster carers, as twee as its sounds we do feel like a family (a diverse one at that) each of us know that we have a shared idea of making sure the young people in our care get the support they need to achieve their own goals in life, and this is extended to us as a team. Our greatest strength is the ability to be vulnerable and seek help, no judgements are made, and you know that there is always someone looking out for you. I hope the young people placed with us feel the same.