Karenza Fafoo - Amicus Foster Care

Karenza Fafoo

My name is Karenza, I am one of the Administrators at Amicus. I grew up in Cornwall and have a love for nature, photography, making pillowcases and yes, pasties! With a BA in Youth & Community work and an MA in Creative writing, my role enables me to combine my desire to help young people live happier and more fulfilling lives with creativity.

My father is from Kashmir, India – being uprooted from the houseboat he grew up in after his mother died when he was 14, he found himself on the streets. He was forced to leave school to work and provide for his younger siblings. Having seen the direct affect that being without a safe and nurturing environment during childhood can have, I grew up wanting to contribute to the empowerment and care of young people.

I have always volunteered for local charities including Bristol based Legs4Africa and Refugee Women of Bristol. At Amicus I can achieve a harmony between my passions and work life, which is very fulfilling. Amicus is a unique organisation, I have never worked anywhere quite like it! The understanding, caring and encouraging environment reflects the wholesome organisation they are, which I feel truly blessed to be a part of.

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