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Julia Smith

I’m Julia Smith and I have been employed as a senior supervising social worker with Amicus since the beginning of 2016. I have worked as a child care social worker in Bristol for many years having completed a Masters in social work at the University of Bristol during the 90’s.

I was introduced to Amicus when I placed a young person with one of their amazing carers – on every level I was met with warmth and efficiency.   The agency, both social work and business staff, were accessible and responsive and I got a real sense that every aspect of a child’s needs were being considered; I got the sense that they really did care.

When a vacancy came up on the social work team I couldn’t quite believe it and when I got the job I was overjoyed.  I’m still pinching myself now.  The last few years have been a huge learning curve and I have had the most amazing training opportunities including level one DDP and lots more planned…. I am also sitting on the agency panel and have assessed new carers ensuring that my role is diverse and interesting.  So far, my first impressions have been affirmed, Amicus is offering wonderful support and care to children who are very vulnerable and often very scared.

Relationships are at the core of everything we are doing, and I truly feel we are giving our children a safe place from which to move forward and explore the world.

 Working with Amicus is an honour. It can be hard work supporting the progress of the children needing our help, but also incredibly rewarding.

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