Erin Jefferies - Amicus Foster Care

Erin Jefferies

My name is Erin and have been with Amicus since 2011, having started off as a support worker and then joining the office. I have really been able to grow my skill set through training and working alongside incredible people. I work in the office on the placements team with Dan, as well as administrating the Panel and assessment process.  As and when the local councils contact us with details about the young people that they are hoping to place, it will be myself and Dan who make sure that we have the best possible match for that particular young person. There’s a great deal of work that goes into matching the right carers with the right child and it’s great feeling when perfect match is found.  As the Panel administrator, I run the assessment checks, and see the process of application through to panel for approval of new foster carers

I am a Regional Makaton Tutor and have worked to ensure that Amicus is a completely Makaton Friendly organisation.  This means I run Makaton training for staff and carers, we provide symbol translated forms and informations for young people and families and consider the communication needs of all the young people we care for, to ensure we are meeting their needs.

When not in the office, I run a Makaton Choir for adults, as well as youth group for young people with communication needs. I have a young son and spend my spare time gardening and caring for the animals that I have accumulated over the past couple years dogs, giant rabbits and rescued chickens!!

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