Erin Jefferies - Amicus Foster Care

Erin Jefferies

I am Erin and I offer tailored complex needs support to foster carers at Amicus.

I have been with Amicus for ten years now and have specialised my training in the area of complex learning and health needs. I am a Regional Makaton Tutor, I offer training and tailored support to carers and provide resources to children who rely on Makaton as a means to communicate.

I am also trained in Sensory Attachment Intervention, a model designed by Eadaoin Bhreathnach a leading Occupational Therapist, in the relationship between attachment and trauma and sensory processing.

I then also trained in the Just Right State programme, to be able to offer a six week programme to a child or sibling group and their carer/s to enable a deeper understanding of how we can work towards achieving emotional regulation through a key relationship and the sensory impact of the environment around us.

I have also been privileged to work alongside Suzanne McGladdery on some Therapeutic Life Story Work with young people within our agency.

I am now trained in Level 2 DDP, which has really deepened my understanding of nurturing a deep and meaningful connection between a traumatised child and their carer. I believe that the principles of DDP, SAI and TLSW intertwine very naturally and the flow of these three approaches offers huge benefits when working with traumatised children and their carers.

As a small agency, we can identify the needs of children and carers and act quickly to access the therapeutic support they need, providing a stronger and more settled future for the child.