Cathy Parsons - Amicus Foster Care

Cathy Parsons

I joined the Amicus team in July 2015 following my maternity leave with my little boy.  Having worked in a corporate environment for the majority of my working life, it was an absolute breath of fresh air to join a company that focuses on so much more than just money. Working for Amicus has definitely made me a better person, I’m more patient, I’m kinder and more considerate and I’ve met some truly remarkable people. I grew up in North Devon and moved to Bristol in my early twenties, I love everything about Bristol but feel incredibly lucky to be able to head down to Devon for numerous breaks throughout the year where my family still live. My role in Amicus is the Reviews Administrator; our foster carers are reviewed every year in line with regulations and my job is to ensure that the process runs smoothly and efficiently.

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