Carly O’Donnell - Amicus Foster Care

Carly O’Donnell

My role at Amicus is Team Administrator.   I am Thelma’s admin support and part of the placements team.  I also process all carer payments, LA invoicing and (most importantly) I send Birthday Cards.

I work part time so I can spend the rest of the week with my young daughter.

I enjoy learning everyday about the amazing work that foster carers and social workers do, and the impact that such giving people can have on young lives.

I have worked with Amicus since January 2019. I love working for Amicus because the atmosphere and the people are so kind and relaxed.  I enjoy coming to work each day and I am proud to work for a company that makes me feel that way.  When leaving my last job, I promised myself I would look for good people, rather than just searching for a job, and I found the right place.

I have an allotment and I love experimenting with growing anything from flowers to food (sometimes very badly!).  I love everything to do with food and spend a lot of time cooking and baking, creating my own recipes and being inspired by others.

I love to run in my spare time, it is my own little bit of therapy.  I am lucky enough to be involved with a local running group, so I am able to go on some beautiful runs around Bristol with great friends.

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