Andrew Lister - Amicus Foster Care

Andrew Lister

Over 30 years ago I trained as a Clinical Psychologist. I have worked with looked after children and their carers for over 30 years and specialised for the last 22. I have therefore learned an enormous amount from both Foster Carers and the young people. The most useful thing that I have learned is to listen, engage with the riot of feelings that comes and use them to engage further. This of course is the heart of DDP and PACE that Alison Keith presents and delivers so well. It was to work with her that was the first draw to Amicus but I have worked with much of the team in various ways in my previous jobs in Bristol. I like working with small fostering agencies as I know they can be small enough to really communicate and care and I can see how Amicus does that. I also like their creative approach to the work and commitment to training, caring, engaged and reflective way Amicus works and being part of the Team.

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