Alison Keith - Amicus Foster Care

Alison Keith

Hi, I’m Alison and I am an independent Play therapist and Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy practitioner, consultant and trainer. I work as a therapist with Amicus, and I provide training, supervision to social workers and, offer monthly surgeries to foster carers. I have some involvement in the induction of new foster carers, matching with children and I am available for consultation with children and young people with complex issues. Amicus is committed to the DDP model and I strive to assist them to weave this way of working into the agency.

I worked for a total of thirteen years in the NHS mainly providing therapy, consultation and training within specialist services for looked after and adopted children, both for the ‘Thinking Allowed’ service in Bristol, and then within the ‘Locate’ service in Bath before leaving the NHS five years ago to set up as an independent therapist.

Since 2001, I have been regularly trained and supervised by Dan Hughes. I work independently providing DDP therapy and training, and work as a consultant offering supervision and DDP certification. I am a director of DDP Connects UK.