Andrea’s Story - Amicus Foster Care

Andrea’s Story

Growing up is always difficult for any person whether they are fostered or not. I think there is a lot of stigma behind those who are put into foster care; they think it’s always bad. I’m not going to lie and say I didn’t have my own judgements about being in foster care, when I first started living with Tina and Les I was less than understanding, I was confused and didn’t know why I was with them but as I grew up with them, their family and everyone from Amicus I came to understand that being cared for by them was very good and beneficial for me. It gave me opportunities that I may not have been given if I wasn’t with them. It also gave me what feels like an extended family, everyone was so kind and easy to get along with. If I ever needed anything or had any problems, there were so many people I could talk to and be given the support I needed. I was encouraged to join local groups; cadets, explorers, drama etc which helped me gain more confidence in myself and pushed me to try things I wouldn’t necessarily get the chance to, if I were elsewhere. Being cared for by Amicus, Tina and Les for the past 6 years have changed my life for the better, I was always looked after and cared for properly, I was treated like a proper part of the family and so were my sisters who I lived with in the house as well. Tina and Les’ birth children were and are also really kind and make me feel like I belong. At first I didn’t know what to think about those who fostered but now that I have been looked after and cared for by Amicus I have grown up to understand and know that what they do and provide is a wonderful thing and there are always going to be individuals that will need to be looked after by people who really care about giving their help and hearts out to someone, and I can guarantee that they will love and appreciate it so much.