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Amicus Foster Care | Independent Fostering Agency | South West England

Looking To Transfer?...

It's quite straightforward to transfer from your current fostering agency to Amicus Foster Care. The quickest way to find out the best route for you is to call us on 0117 955 5039 so we can guide you through it.

The process can vary slightly depending on who you’re with now and whether or not you have any foster children staying with you.

If you do have a foster child staying with you at the moment, our first priority will be to make sure the transfer doesn’t disrupt their care. So within 28 days of starting the process, your local authority will meet with you to discuss the transfer’s effect on their stability and welfare. After that, we’ll meet with you, your current agency and the child’s social worker to agree the arrangements and start our assessment stage.

If you don’t have a foster child staying with you at the moment, the process is even easier and we can move straight to the assessment stage.

For our assessments to begin, you’ll need to provide your Form F. If you haven’t got one from your current agency, we’ll allocate an assessor to get you a new one and take new references. Your application will then be sent to a panel for approval so you can continue your great work with us.

For advice about making the change as smooth as possible, give us a ring on 0117 955 5039 or request a callback. We’re always happy to help.

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