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Amicus Foster Care | Independent Fostering Agency | South West England

How Does Fostering Affect My Family?...


Fostering involves the whole family and when you foster, your children foster too.Living within a fostering family can teach children vital life skills, such as patience and empathy, and many children who grow up in a fostering household go on to become foster carers themselves. However, some children can find it difficult to share their belongings or say goodbye when a placement comes to an end.


We organise a 'meet-up and a meal' for younger and older children of our foster carers. We’ll also invite your children to attend all the social events and fun activities we provide for young people.

We recognise that your own children’s wellbeing will always be paramount and we’ll work closely with you to ensure an appropriate match between a foster child and your own family. We also operate a safe care policy to ensure that all members of your family are kept safe.

Find out more

It can be helpful for your children to talk to and hear the experiences of other children who have fostered. If you’d like us to put you in touch with one of our fostering families or simply want to chat about becoming a carer, please call us on 0117 955 5039 or fill in our online enquiry form.

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