Sue’s fostering story - Amicus Foster Care

Sue’s fostering story

“My children had always said how good I was as a Mum and why not use my great skills as a foster carer. I’d ummed and ahhhed about it for five years whilst my children were at University and then I suddenly thought it was really crazy not to with a wealth of skills and experience with children through Youth Work, Nursery assistance, Professional storytelling in schools and colleges this seemed like a door to a great new career.

I joined Amicus in Summer of 2017 and I haven’t looked back. I’ve had such terrific support from the Amicus team. The reason I chose Amicus was for it’s very real family feel. They are so welcoming, and you very quickly get to know all the members of the whole team. Their office is your office and you walk in from day one to big smiles and copious amount of tea and as a foodie I so welcome the delicious meal breaks whilst we are on courses. Amicus is based in a very successful community centre and the wonderful whole foods cafe provides refreshments for courses.

Lastly, and the most important reason I joined Amicus, was the close ties they have to working with our children therapeutically. With the help of Amicus’ own therapeutic practitioner, we can enable our young people to really get to know and understand themselves and move forward into adulthood with great pride in their achievements. I am just about to say farewell to one of these children who has just come of age and is moving into his own accommodation. I can’t wait to see his flat and hear all about his new life when he comes back to visit me.”