Meet the Team - Amicus Foster Care

Meet the Team


Nasareen Ahmed


  I have worked the public...

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Mark Brady - Amicus

Mark Brady

Business Services Manager

I’m Mark, I am the Business...

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carol laverton

Carol Laverton

Office Manger

I’m Carol, the Office Manager at...

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Carol-Anne Partridge

Practice Manager

I’m Carol-Anne, the Practice Manager at...

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Lewis Cook

Placements Officer

  Hi! I’m Lewis, the Placements...

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Debs Thomas

Quality Control Officer

  Hi there, I’m Debs. My job...

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Jane Harvey

Team Administrator

Hello, I'm Jane the team administrator...

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Melanie Bone

Events and Participation Coordinator

Hi! I'm Melanie, the Amicus Events...

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Thelma Huijgens

Supervising Social Worker

My name is Thelma. I’ve been...

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Amanda Wyllie

Supervising Social Worker

  I’m Amanda, one of the...

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Alison Keith


Hi, I’m Alison and I am...

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Paul Brown


Hi, I’m Paul and I am...

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Erin Jefferies

Complex Needs Advisor

I am Erin and I offer...

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