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Amicus Foster Care | Independent Fostering Agency | South West England

Foster Care Allowance...


Average weekly fee of £400


  • Twenty one nights respite per year (pro rata basis).

  • Individual household membership of the Fostering Network is provided by Amicus. This provides additional cover to carer’s own e.g., a 24 hour legal advisory service for individuals or families for any kind of advice which gives access to a legal expenses insurance scheme.

  • You will receive a £200 holiday/activity allowance per household annually in June/July.

  • You will also have the opportunity to holiday at the Barn in Pembrokeshire.

  • A comprehensive post-approval training and development programme including access to the TSD (Training, support and development standards)


  • Direct access/support/training and development from Alison Keith DDP - Dyadic developmental psychotherapist working with PACE (Playfulness, Acceptance, Curiosity and Empathy)


  • Monthly support group meetings. The ethos within Amicus is that carers and staff attend to provide and receive mutual support. Alongside this, Amicus run two further support groups – one for carer’s adult children even those living away from home and one for carer’s younger children. We believe it is important to support the whole family. There is also additional support for friends and other relatives


  • Amicus will pay for your mileage to and from training, activities and support groups at 40p per miles


  • Monthly supervision from an AFC supervising social worker, telephone contact, unannounced visits and additional support visits as agreed with you and the AFC Supervising Social Worker


  • You will be consulted on an ongoing basis regarding the development of the service including finance, budgets and cost of living increase/bonus. 

  • All of Amicus activities, events, camping and celebrations are inclusive of carer’s extended family as well as the looked after young people.


  • There is individual bespoke ‘pampering’ for our foster carers.


  • You will be provided with an online foster carer’s handbook.


  • CHARMS – Amicus online database system. You will be given access to a secure online database where you will be trained to record and access information.


  • You will receive a photo ID card

Small, Friendly & Responsive