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Amicus Foster Care | Independent Fostering Agency | South West England

Can I Foster If I Am Over 55?


There is no official upper age limit for foster carers. 

Many older people make excellent carers, providing they are fit and well and able to look after a child or young person.  Fostering services may set their own upper age limit but generally if you can show that you have the experience, ability and dedication to make a difference to a child’s life then you are not too old to foster.

Almost half of the nation thinks that if you’re over 55 you can’t be a foster carer. As a general rule, service providers like foster carers to be over 21 years old but legally you can apply to foster from 18 years old dependent on your ability and situation.

There is no upper age limit and some foster carers continue well into their 70s. What matters is that you are fit enough and able to care for a child or young person placed with you. The majority of foster carers are within the 40 to 60 year old age range.



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